z-squared: Takin' knit to the streets.

Current crafts craze echoes World War I knitting projects

TheFUZZ Hawai'i is looking for collaborators!


International YarnBombing Day 2014 is rapidly approaching and your local crew TheFUZZ needs you! Anyone, from anywhere, is invited to participate!

We have a big project coming up this summer, and we’re looking for 12” and 6” squares. Knit, crochet, and handweaving are welcome, in any stitch or…

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A yarnbombed birdhouse for my parents.

I used this pattern: http://www.yarnspirations.com/pattern/crochet/yarn-bombed-birdhouse


Yarn bombing in Ontario! Very thoughtful & kind. :)


June 8 is International Yarn Bombing Day

Need inspiration for your own project? Check out New York-based crocheting artist Olek on Instagram: @oleknyc.

On June 8, for the third year running, yarn enthusiasts from around the globe will share their passion with the world through the act of yarn bombing.

Guerrilla knitters and crocheters will cover trees, lampposts and bike racks with their colorful handicrafts in a tradition established by Alberta knitter Joann Matvichuk.

Tag your own work and any yarn bombing installations you may come across with the #yarnbombing hashtag!

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It’s a pretty serious case…

Yarn Bombers Set Sights on Penetanguishene's Historic Sites

The words “bombing” and “knitting” don’t usually go in the same sentence but they do today now as a group of knitters starts getting ready for a big event this summer in Penetanguishene.

Read more: http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/yarn-bombers-set-sights-on-penetanguishene-s-historic-sites-1.1744150#ixzz2xADUGDWM

Yarnbombed tree in front of Yarns Unlimited in Bloomington, Indiana.

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